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Since we utilize virtual whiteboard, video conferencing and screen sharing technology, you can study from anywhere in the world with the best tutors

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Maximizing your USMLE score requires a personal approach, not a generic one. We create a customized study plan and approach so you can maximize your score.

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Above all else, we help raise your scores with the best, most dedicated, tutors anywhere. They will help you demystify concepts and score as high as you can.


I cannot say enough great things about MedSchoolCoach and my tutor. I raised by USMLE score from a 205 on my practice test before I started working with them to a 255 on the actual test. It felt like a miracle, but it was all thanks to my two tutors at MedSchoolCoach.

USMLE Step 1 Client, 2020

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Discover how one-on-one tutoring can help you improve your score on the USMLE Steps 1, 2, 3 or COMLEX. 


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Your USMLE Scores Increased, 

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MedSchoolCoach recruits our tutors from the top medical schools in the country. We look for a mastery of the knowledge of medical school material, but even more than that we look for amazing teachers.

What are some benefits of one-on-one tutoring?

✓ Focus on the subjects you are weakest on
✓ Create and implement a strategic study plan for maximum success
✓ Utilize resources you already have; we can recommend some others, but you don't have to buy more expensive books

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✓ Learn how to approach each problem with the help of an expert
✓ Content lessons, Q&A lessons, Q Bank sessions - we can customize every session to exactly what you need